P. O. Box 429 Murdo, SD 57559
Telephone: (605) 669-2200
Fax: (605) 734-8060
Website: www.rhpsi.com
E-mail: info@rhpsi.com

Pferdezentrum – 67816 Standenbuhl
Telephone: 06357-9750-16
Fax: 06357-9750-25

RPSI Host Site Request Form

The RPSI Inspection Tour is currently in planning, and will occur between July and
October. A representative from the RPSI will contact all interested host sites to discuss
dates and logistics before plans are confirmed.

Members may contact you to reseve inspection space for their outside horses.
Only your horses will be inspected.

Do you have access to…

A $250 deposit is required to confirm a Host Site location. All deposits will be applied 100% to Inspection Fees.

Please read the Host Site Information document on our website for more information on hosting an RPSI Inspection.

The RPSI will be in contact with more information. You may also email info@rhpsi.com or call
Ann at 605-669-2200 office or 605-685-3089 cell for more information

Select 'Pay Now' to if you wish to pay your deposit by Payal or Credit Card; Select ‘Pay Later' if you wish to mail in a Check, Cash, or Moneyorder.

Please Press the Submit button just once. Your Submission may take some time to load.