4th Annual Online Foal Auction Entry Form

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As a seller you understand that you have now entered into a consignor agreement with the RPSI. During the period of October 23rd, 2016 - November 4th, 2016. The RPSI will be marketing the sale of these horses online and in print ads, with the goal of connecting more potential buyers with our members, the sellers. If your horse sells privately during this time-frame, you will be charged a 5% commission fee. At the end of the auction a 5% commission fee will be deducted from the final sale price of all horses that sell through the auction, and the remaining proceeds will be mailed to seller within one week of funds clearing. If your horse does not sell during the time frame of the auction marketing, you will not be charged a commission fee or a no-sale fee, and in this case the entry fee will be the only amount paid to the RPSI.

1. RPSI agrees to provide Seller with a sales venue and marketing of their RPSI horse.
2. RPSI agrees to pay Seller promptly at the end of the sale, once purchase has been confirmed.
3. RPSI agrees to contact Seller if the reserve price has not been met.
4. Seller agrees to pay all entry fees upon the execution of this contract. Seller specifically agrees and understands that no services will be rendered until entry fees have been paid.
5. Seller agrees to pay 5% sales commission on consigned horse sold during the online auction or outside of the auction between October 23rd, 2016 - November 4th, 2016 to the RPSI.
6. Make checks payable to RPSI. Mail to: R.P.S.I. P.O. Box 429 Murdo, SD 57559

The RPSI requires you to provide Marketing photos and video of your horse, as well as Current photos of the horse’s condition and legs/feet (i.e. taken within the past month or since any significant change in condition or health/soundness)? These ‘Current Condition’ photos will not be published on your horse’s page, but will be made available to a serious buyer/bidder to give an idea how the horse looks right now.

Proceeds collected by the registry pay for marketing this and future auctions, and will be awarded to new programs and services offered to our members in the near future.

The consignment fee per single horse is $150. If you would like to enter 2 or more horses please contact the marketing staff for information on our discounted package rates.

Horse Information

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If you need help entering your horse’s pedigree into one of these website we can do so at the cost of $10.
Showresult links or files may be emailed to marketing@rhpsi.com or contact us for an invitation to use our Dropbox account.

The reserve price is not exactly the same as your asking price - the reserve price is the lowest amount you would accept for the horse. Your reserve price will not be listed and all horses will be listed with a fixed opening bid of $0, and a estimated sale price under the opening bid. The reason you may want to list an estimated sale price range is to let bidders know if the horse is in the ball-park of their budget and therefore worth bidding on. Otherwise you may have many bids lower than your reserve or some bidders that think they don’t have a chance, so don’t try. Alternately, by listing an estimate you may not get many bids outside that range.

Video links may be attached below, emailed to marketing@rhpsi.com or contact us for an invitation to use our Dropbox account. If you need help processing a video we can do so at the cost of $35. Limited space available, first come first serve.

Photos may also be emailed to marketing@rhpsi.com, or contact us for an invitation to use our Dropbox account.

Please have exam form, filled out by veterinarian. Form available for download at: http://www.rhpsi.com/inspections/inspectionforms.asp

Vetting files or x-rays may also be emailed to marketing@rhpsi.com, or contact us for an invitation to use our Dropbox account.

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